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Weekend Bake – Creamy Berry tarts

Creamy Berry Tarts 

You require a 12 flan tray

For the base

8oz Butter
8oz Caster Sugar
4 eggs
8oz SR Flour
juice of half an orange
Grated peel of half an orange

For the filling

Double Cream
Berries of choice (I used strawberries and blackberries)

Heat oven to Gas Mark 4

Beat butter and suger until creamy
add orange juice, peel, and one egg with a little flour.  Beat well
Continue until all eggs have been added

Stir in the remaining flour.

Divide between the 12 portion tin and bake for about 15 – 20 minutes

When cooked take and leave to rest      When cool remove and place on a cooling tray to finish cooling.

Beat cream and pipe onto the flans and then decorate to choice.

Enjoy x x

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