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Interesting conversation this morning …..

…with Trish Adudu on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire radio station.

It was about the local selling group I run with my family on facebook.   It is called Coventry Bid Up.

We run it for free and it is very like an online book market – Ebay without fees , but based in the local area so people can either deliver or collect items.

Mainly items are second hand but there are a few new items.

I took over the group about 4/5 years ago with a membership of 1250 approximately.  As of today there are over 29000 people who are members in the group.

I allow occassional local business posts but have also set up another group called Coventry Business Up where the local businesses can be found and are allowed to advertise.

Coventry Bid Up has allowed a lot of people to sell the odd items they no longer need and have been able to utilise this additional money for holidays, paying for new baby items, and even providing their children with Christmases they may never have afforded.

There are sometimes freebies on there and items can be bid on or bought now (BIN).

It has been busy both before and after Christmas with items like decorations being sold, duplicated presents and now unwanted items after new ones have been received.

Posts are on admin approval so people may need to wait until one of us is online to do the same, but posts are always approved daily and more than once.

It takes time but if people benefit from the same then it is worth it.

You can find the radio stations webpage here

BBC Coventry and Warwickshire radio

(Recipe for this Ginger Cake can be found on this blog)

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