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Friday 13th … and

.. how many of you are suspicious.   Since I could fall over or have things happen without it being Friday 13th, it is not a day that worries me.  Now I’ve said that I had better watch out today. LOL

How many of you in the UK have woke up to snow.  I love snow , dont like the after slush, but the actual crisp white snow is beautiful.  Sadly, here in Coventry, we have the lightest sprinkling of snow this morning so no snowman building here.

I am sending thoughts out to all those who are under severe flood alerts in the UK.

There are several National days today.

It is the Stephen Foster memorial day.  Living in the UK I was unsure who this gentleman was so I googled and have found out that he is the Father of America Music.  I am sure those across the seas will be celebrating this amazing man today.

It is also National Peach Melba day.  Something I like and will make later in the month and post my recipe on here.

And finally, and my favourite,  its Blame Someone Else day.   So if things go wrong, especially as it is Friday 13th, then dont admit it was you LOL   Would be interesting to do a survey tos ee who actually does this !

So enjoy your day,  hope the floods or snow do not affect you too much.   Have a brilliant weekend.

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