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An icy 5th January ……

….   I cannot believe how cold it is in the Uk this morning.  Everywhere is covered with a light dusting of frost.

So an ideal opportunity to think about our feathered friends.   Especially since today is the 15th National Bird Day.

Did you know that due to global eco systems and the changing within the same, 12% of the 9,800 species of birds are heading for extinction.   I have noticed that we dont seem to have as many garden birds this year which is quite sad.  

If you wish to find out more you can check this out on the Born Free site.

It is harder especially when the ground is frozen for birds to find their usual snacks.  I made one at home which is really good for the smaller birds or for larger ones if you put upright.

Here is my version.

Coconut split in half
Lard or solid fat
Bag of Bird Seed
Handful of nuts
Handful of berries

Make sure that the inside of your coconut is empty.  You can use a little of the white flesh grated in the mix.

Melt the lard and add in the seeds, nuts and berries.

Spoon back into the coconut halves and leave to set.

Hang one upside down for the smaller birds like blue tits.  Stand the other on a bird table for the larger birds like sparrows and wrens.

Have a brill day x x

These are bookmarks I made using cutouts from The Range and putting ‘Inchys’ on them.  These were made for an Inchy Exchange on my Cross Stitch Group – Cross Stitch Friends in the UK.

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