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A new taste for youngsters – from Piccolo Foods


Getting your child to eat healthily, at any age, is hard as a parent.  It is important that the foundation bricks are put in place whilst they are young.

Piccolo is the fastest growing baby food brand in the UK.  Because  of the quality of their  ingredients, the Mediterranean inspired recipes and their beautiful packaging  it ensures  that they really stand out. The vibrant packaging inspires you to take a look and try their products

All the recipes are designed so the whole family can enjoy (they make a great add-on to porridge for example). All 100% organic, they have over 30 delicious and healthy recipes that use plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy fats such as olive oil seasoned with a lovely variety of herbs and spices. There are some fantastic flavours such as Spring greens, pears and apple,  Sweet Potato, Beetroot Apple and Pear, Banana, Strawberry and Peach to name a few.


Piccolo foods have a comitment to Food Education.   Good, real and honest food is at the heart of Piccolo. They are on a mission to encourage a life-time of healthy eating from a young age. That is why they are committed to giving 10% of profits to help fund food education, in partnership with the NCT, providing practical support around baby nutrition to parents.

Piccolo have an ingredients library if you follow this link

My grandsons are going to use the fruit ones in their lunchboxes for school.  A healthy option for them to have.  My husband has tried one on his porridge and said was really fruity and made for a filling breakfast.   It is brilliant that the whole family can eat these pouches.

You can find additional information at the link here



This product is an exciting one for new mums, parents of youngsters and adults alike.   It is available in most supermarkets and has just been launched in Boots.



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