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A special day for many ….

When you were younger did you have a special teddy bear.   I had three.  A white one which was bought for me by my aunt when I was born.   It is still as pristine as the day it was purchased.  The other two were bought by my Nan.   One I loved and took everywhere.  He was a light brown bear.  He has only one eye now and looks a little threadbare.   The othe stayed with my Nan.  He was not really seen much and when I was 18, she presented him back to me with a beautiful bow round his neck.  He again was pristine.   All three bears are now over 50 years old.  The latter two being quite rare jointed bears.

In 1924 a gentleman called A A Milne wrote a poem about a bear.  Two years later in 1926 a book was released with illustrations by E H Shepard.  

This book was a book about a special bear his son had.    His sons name was Christopher Robin, and the special bear was Winnie the Pooh.  

Christopher named his bear after Winnie, a bear he saw in London Zoo and Pooh, a swan he had seen on holiday.

A A Milne’s books have become any childs favourite, even mine, and I loved reading them to my daughter when she was smaller.  These stories are now being read to my grandsons and will be read for generations to come.

So why is today special to many ……..   Its Winnie the Pooh day.

Have a brill on everybody x x

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