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Surprise Someone – Letterbox Flowers by Beards & Daisies

I was given the opportunity to review a bouquet from Beards & Daisies, an online florist.

I was amazed when I got home and the flowers had arrived.  24 hours after agreeing to do the review, so prompt postage.   The actual box that arrived was intriguing.

As the website package says, Letterbox Flowers.    The box is thin enough to go through a letterbox although my neighbour had been around when the post was delivered so took these in for me.    Receiving a box like this makes you wonder what is inside.   Keep reading and find out.

On opening you are greeted by a beautiful bow (which you can later tie around your flowers), some flower food,  a card about some of the flowers contained inside and a greeting card.   Thank you Jo.

Untying the bow, you open the paper to an assortment of flowers.

The card inside the box gives you advice on how to arrange and look after your flowers.     As you unpack the foliage and blooms, you will notice that the delicate flower heads are protected by a netting which peels off really easily.  Do not panic, like I did, if the flowers look a little thirsty and wilted.  The flowers are hardy and pick up once they are placed in water.

The bouquet contained some beautiful flowers which included :-



Eucalyptus leaves and Hypericum


Pale Pink Roses …….


Dianthus ………    Some flowers will still be in bud form and will open out.


……. to name but a few.    So beautiful.    My full arrangement looked like this

They smelt beautiful once displayed.

I have made a video to show you what the flowers looked like when displayed.

The bouquet I reviewed is available here at a cost of £28.99   https://www.beardsanddaisies.co.uk/whispers.html

Check out the full range here


Amazing gift for someone, amazing flowers at an amazing price.

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