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Happy Monday

Hope you have had a super weekend.  Mine was really brill  So chilled.

Well if you have a desk at work, today is your day to ‘Clean off your desk’ as it is   the National Day for this,  So if you are looking at piles of clutter, masses of paper, take a few moments to clean it up.

It is also National Apricot Day.    Yesterday, like a lot of you may have done, I cooked a Pork Roast.  I did not make stuffing but usually do.    Below is my favourite recipe.

Apricot Stuffing

150g of Fresh Ciabatta made into coarse breadcrumbs
1 onion coarsely grated.
100g  dried apricots chooped coarsely
parsely chopped about 15g
Desertspoon of oil – I use Groundnut oil
1 egg 
Lime or lemon zest   I always use lime as gives a zing. 

Preheat an oven to gas Mark 4 or place into a ready heated oven with your roast. 

Into a bowl put the breadcrumbs, onion, parsely and mix well.

Add the oil and egg and again mix well.    Stir in the zest. 

Place in an ovenproof dish or roll into equal sized balls and place on a baking tray.

Cook for about 25 – 30 minutes.

Have a super day and remember there are 4 more get ups until the weekend 🙂

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