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Its Sunday …

8th January 2017.

Today is chill day.  My husband has gone out this morning so I am home alone.  Peace and quiet LOL
Today has two national days.  One is Winter Skin Relief and on 2nd December 2016 I wrote a blog about Winter and its ailments.  Within there is a link to a super company who do some gorgeous products to help with Winter Skin Relief.

The second National Day is to Bubblebath.   There is nothing better than sinking into a warm bath with luxurious bubbles.   I have lots of favourites to use when i get in the bath but do love the smell of Sanctuary products.

Here is a link to their webpage .    Sanctuary

I always feel so calm and my skin feels so fresh when i get out of the bath.  Their body creams and lotions are also brilliant

Today for Dinner I am making Roast pork and these were made as a pudding but are also lovely to eat with morning coffee or afternoon tea,   Palmiers.

I made these the cheats way but have also made making the puff pastry myself.  Both come out well. 

Pack of Puff Pastry  (or homemade puff pastry)
Brown Sugar

Roll out the pastry into a rectangle.
Brush over with a little water. Do not over do this as will make soggy 

Sprinkle over the cinnamon and brown sugar

Taking the right hand side of the pastry fold into the middle and repeat with the left. 
Repeat a couple of times until you have a heart shape.

Roll into cling film and leave in the fridge. 
After 20 minutes take out. 

Cut the roll into 1/4 inch thick hearts and place onto a lined baking tray.

Place in the over Gas Mark 6 and cook for about 10 – 15 minutes or until golden. 
take out and serve either hot or cold.

If you would like a more specacular pudding put two together with strawberries and whipped cream in the middle and dist with icing sugar. 

Have a brill Sunday

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