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Try something new … making a pendibulle

Stitch your design.  This is a 60 stitch by 60 stitch square.  The outside is stitched using back stitch as you can use this later to whipstitch your pendibulle together 

Fold your design in half and using the backstitch whipstitch one side.   Stuff lightly making sure there is more stuffing in the centre of the pendibulle and less on the two sides.     Repeat the whipstitch on the second side.   You know have a stuffed triangular piece

Turn the triangle over and pull together the two corners as shown above.   Stitch these together 

Turn to the front and you have a pendibulle which you can now adorn with what ever you would like to finish it off. 

I added a bow 

and I added a tassel.  
My finished pendibulle.  

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