A Creative Life

Fantastic Fun

I was sent, from Brainstorm Toys, a game to review.   Igloo Mania. I kept the same until my grandsons came for the day so that they could play and give their review on the same. K is 9 and his brother J is 5. The packaging makes the game…

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My Favourite Disney Film

If you, like me,  love Disney and Disney films, then you too will have a favourite. Mine is Fantasia.   I love the animation and how the music fits with the same.  Ravensburger have been caught up in people’s love of Disney and have created a set of Collector’s Edition…

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An emotional post to write.

Something that I have been meaning to write for a long while.  So here is my story. This begins 46 years ago.  August 1971. At the age of 6, my parents took myself and my younger brother (2) on holiday.  We stayed in Preston with a couple who were my…

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