A Creative Life

The Good Egg Card Challenge

I am a great believer of Random Acts of Kindness, as you can see from my recent post where I put books out for people to take.   Making someone smile and happy is really important.  It gives you the feel good factor. This is where this new card game…

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Enjoy the Summer

Over the weekend it has been more than hot.  Ive sat in my garden and heard children laughing, splashing in paddling pools, and the summery smell of barbecues. The beautiful weather also brings a lot of days out and outside holidays. The one thing you cannot always have to hand…

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National Unplugging Day

Sunday 25th June 2017, is the planned date for National Unplugging Day. A day where parents around the UK are being asked to spend time with families and #GoGadgetFree.  This means spending from sun-up to sun-down without any technology.  Kids included.    So what better way than to play a…

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