A Creative Life

Queen of Tarts

Preheat oven to Gas Mark 4/5 Pate Sucree (Sweet Shortcrust Pastry) 3 1/2 ozs Soft Butter 2 1.2 ozs Sugar 3 Egg Yolks 7oz Plain Flour We made this the original way by placing the flour onto a clean worktop and then making a space in the middle so you…

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My Favourite Disney Film

If you, like me,  love Disney and Disney films, then you too will have a favourite. Mine is Fantasia.   I love the animation and how the music fits with the same.  Ravensburger have been caught up in people’s love of Disney and have created a set of Collector’s Edition…

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The Wedding …. but What if?….

Ravensburger’s newest Jigsaw is a What if?   Suitable for the upcoming months it is called ‘The Wedding’.     The photo on the front depicts the Bride’s ideal day. Everybody is getting on……. and   … the Groom is delivering his speech.  But what if? ……. This is an…

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