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National Unplugging Day

Sunday 25th June 2017, is the planned date for National Unplugging Day. A day where parents around the UK are being asked to spend time with families and #GoGadgetFree.  This means spending from sun-up to sun-down without any technology.  Kids included.    So what better way than to play a…

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A swift end to tears

There is nothing worst than a child running and falling over.  The grazes on their knees and hands may not be too bad but their tears and tantrums, due to hurting themselves, are so sad to see. Superdrug have come up with a new exciting idea – Fix ‘Em Plasters…

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Super Geek Heroes

Getting children to learn, especially in the early years, is really important. But this needs to be done in a fun and interesting way, so that the foundation bricks for their further education, are kept inplace. What a better way than with the fantastic new Super Geek Heroes. The Super…

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